Sami Rahim

Photography and Idea: Sami Rahim
Project lead: Sami Rahim
Editorial concept: Katja Gönc
Interviews: Katja Gönc, Uroš Dokl, Jaša Lorenčič
Scriptwriting: Katja Gönc
DP: Jakob Šuster
Design: Nika Ferš, Karmen Sulcer

Editorial, interviews, scriptwriting

The ideal state of creativity is in childhood when our imagination has not yet been subjected to prejudices and expectations but has an entirely free flow. That is why Nenad Cizl repeatedly quotes Pablo Picasso, who tried to be as free as possible in his painting. "Very much!" says Cizl when I ask him if parenting has changed his creative world. It drove him away from the morbid, slightly dark mood in which he created one of his most notorious works for the Maribor Theatre Festival, to the desire to turn transience into permanence. // Interview with Nenad Cizl

Vunderkind is a project by photographer Sami Rahim. Through a series of interviews and intimate portraits, Maribor presents itself as a city of culture and creative individuals who strengthen the city's unique cultural atmosphere. The final print publication is a tribute to portrait photography, enriched by interviews.

Working on the Vunderkind project includes consultation on the editorial concept, a series of interviews (Valentina Turcu, Matjaž, Ivanišin, Alja Horvat, Nenad Cizl, Marko Japelj, Bojan Emeršič, Vasko Atanasovski, Polona Poklukar, Vladimir Rukavina), and scriptwriting for video portraits of the illustrator Alja Horvat, musician and legendary skateboarder Iztok Šumatič, and actor Bojan Emeršič.

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