Nazaj na konja

Idea and scriptwriting: Katja Gönc
Creative director: Katja Gönc
Production: Katja Gönc
DP: Jakob Šuster
Asistent: Bobo Wochl
Postproduction: Jakob Šuster

Idea, production, scriptwriting

“Horses have always been the key to health. Physical and mental. What we, as a modern society, have forgotten, we are here trying to raise awareness about again.”

Nazaj na Konja is the first Slovenian non-governmental organization to start developing an integrated approach to treating people with special needs and systematically approach the development of therapy and activities and therapy involving horses. In the last ten years, equine-assisted therapy has established itself in Slovenia and Europe as an effective approach to treating people with special needs and addressing mental health and self-esteem problems.

The documentary is a tribute to twenty years of tireless work in equine-assisted therapies. Alexander Goljevšček and Metka Demšar Goljevšček dedicated their lives to horses and how horses can help people, families, and society. And what can we do to help horses?




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