UX copy: Katja Gönc
Product copy: Katja Gönc
Social: Katja Gönc
Interviews: Katja Gönc, Nika Ferš

Ux copy, product copy, interviews

Quotelife gives eternal life to thoughts on everyday objects. The touch of design and inspirational thoughts elevate the ordinary. Why should daily essentials be plain if they can be a plain delight?

Quotelife is a project by graphic designer Nika Ferš. The brand's mission is to use everyday objects to convey messages that trigger reflections on ecology, mental health, well-being, and other social topics and personal states. Nika Ferš has an empathetic approach to design, copy, and impactful communication. High on her agenda are collaborations with poets, writers, psychologists, and thinkers of the new generation. Quotelife is about finding creative ways to encourage thinking and dialogue.

We created product copy, UX copy, and social posts for the Quotelife project. Following Nika's ideas, we prepared a series of interviews for Quotelife’s website, which meaningfully complements the brand's philosophy and its message. Quotelife products are more than just useful objects, but are thoughts that travel on the items we need on a daily basis.

A Long Way Home

Tide of Glaze

Tide of Glaze

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