Idea: Katja Gönc x Jakob Šuster
Director and producer: Jakob Šuster
Story and script writing: Katja Gönc
DP: Jakob Šuster, Žiga Krajnc
AC: Mitja Mlakar
Timelapse: Boštjan Selinšek
Grip and production assistant: Alen Hoheger

Idea, story, scriptwriting

Creating dishes with wild ingredients is more than just our restaurant's philosophy.

I teach my children about the diversity around our home. Hopefully, the next generations will once again include wild plants in everyday cooking.

Then, I wil be able to say that “Pavus really made a difference.”

Marko and Katja Pavčnik are the driving force behind the Pavus restaurant at Laško Castle. Chef Marko Pavčnik did a culinary internship at Laško Castle and later worked in several prestigious restaurants. Not even in his wildest dreams did he think that one day he would run one of the most inspiring restaurants in Slovenia with his family.

We created a story about the restaurant's philosophy. The surrounding forests and meadows are their endless source of inspiration and discovery of wild foods. Each dish includes at least one wild ingredient. Chef Pavčnik revives foraging, knowledge of wild plants, and a respectful attitude towards nature.

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Frizi Beer

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