A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home
Grabar Restaurant

Idea and scriptwriting: Katja Gönc
Production: Katja Gönc
DP: Blacklime, Jakob Šuster
Postproduction: Jakob Šuster

Idea, scriptwriting, production

At first, I wanted to escape from here.

But as you grow, you return home for inspiration and ingredients.

A long path must be walked before you reconcile with yourself. We have a saying: going around your ass to get to your pocket.

But only then does the horizon widen.

Then you become a chef.

Then you can say - This is me, Alenka.

Gostilna Grabar is the creative shelter of chef Alenka Grabar. This restaurant on the outskirts of Ptuj has become recognizable through her interpretations of traditional dishes and hospitality. Next to the house is a large garden and a family farm, from which they source primary ingredients. Alenka is deeply committed to her roots and family.

Alenka Grabar's personal story offers a rare insight into a chef, mother, and businesswoman's life in haute cuisine. Her creativity is a path of renunciation, devotion, and eternal tension between feelings of guilt and being a role model to her children. A Long Way Home is a story about the journey to self-acceptance.




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