Frizi Beer

Frizi Beer
Frizi Beer

Story and scriptwriting: Contxt, Katja Gönc
Production: Contxt, Katja Gönc
DP: Blacklime, Jakob Šuster

Idea, story, Scriptwriting

Frizi Beer is the only brewery in Haloze.

A big advantage is the excellent water that sets the tone for our beer.

And where there is good water, there are good people.

Haloze is one of Slovenia's most remote and least developed parts, primarily known for its excellent wine-growing locations. Dejan Kranjc is a hairdresser who started brewing beer and set up the first brewery in Haloze. Despite the apparent paradox, the brewery lifts the community and connects several providers, from the local bakery to caterers.

Craft brewery Frizi Beer wanted to pay tribute with a video to its neighbors, growers, caterers, and friends, who helped them promote the out-of-the-box idea of a brewery in the middle of rolling vineyards. With beer tastings and culinary events, they want to build a community of providers and spread the word about Haloze's diversity and unique products.




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