Sirarstvo Frešer

Brand story: Katja Gönc
Branding: WDS, Nika Ferš, Karmen Sulcer

Slogan, story

Our happy goats and cows graze on the sunny meadows of Mt. Pohorje. Raw milk cheeses are hand-nurtured, and the excellence of our dairy products has been awarded several times.

The Frešer organic farm and cheese factory is located on the green slopes of Mt. Pohorje, where three generations of Frešers live together. Although they have a written record that the Frešers have been the farm owners since 1723, they refocused on goat farming and cheese-making only in 2012. Their products are organic and have been awarded many times.

We developed very unmistakable product descriptions for use on their packaging. The overall graphic image for the organic farm was developed by designers Nika Ferš and Karmen Sulcer. Frešer is an eco-farm and family cheese factory, transforming the love of nature into the best dairy products.

Tide of Glaze

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