Fedora wines

Story and scriptwriting: Contxt, Katja Gönc
Art direction: Valter Kobal
Idea: Contxt, Katja Gönc x Blacklime, Jakob Šuster
DP: Blacklime, Jakob Šuster

Idea, story, scriptwriting

Two winds are blowing here: the Vipava bora and bora from the sea.

Some still dream of leaving. I, too, have always been driven into the world. To fashion, film, theater. But at the same time, I was drawn here.

As if the external winds reflected the internal ones.

And then came Mojca.

Only when you settle down do you feel your true mission. Then no bora will shake your foundations.

The Kobal family planted their first grapevines on the slopes above the village of Dolanci as early as 1880. Today, Fedora is in the hands of Valter Kobal, the fifth generation of Kobal's winemakers, and his wife, Mojca Tiršek. The Indigenous Wines House Fedora wanted to present a complete and authentic story of wine and people.

Fedora’s story is a tribute to the family tradition and great-grandfather who planted the family’s first grapes, the relentless blowing of the bora winds, the life of hardship in the Vipava Valley, personal crossroads and life decisions, love, and, last but not least, the biodynamic principles of Fedora wines.


A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home

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